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 Welcome to the Powerhouse recruitment thread (About us)

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BeitragThema: Welcome to the Powerhouse recruitment thread (About us)   So Jun 19, 2011 8:31 am

Leaders: Manu, Vaya
Core-Members: 10~

What we offer:
Organized,dedicated & skilled team.
Own Ts^3.
Powerhouse aims for the quality & quantity at the same time.

What we desire:
Be reliable: we spend much time for guild affairs, you have to do the same.
You must be dedicated for the guild's success
You must be mature enough and be able to resist harsh languages and alike
You are expected to come fully prepared to WoE
Be able to speak/read german/english.
No selfish mentality.
No childish behaviour.

We are international.
We aim for the best, keep on improving each day.

Wanna join us? Write a full & dedicated application here

Powerhouse youtube channel
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Welcome to the Powerhouse recruitment thread (About us)
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