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 Application Form

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BeitragThema: Application Form   Sa Aug 20, 2011 7:39 am

- You must be able to attend WoE.
- You must have access to Ventrilo/Teamspeak.
- You must be mature. If you're still at the stage where you carebear about shit like who's really female, harsh language and suchlike, move on. This guild is not for you.
-Tell us something about your previous ro servers/guilds
- You are expected to come to WoE prepared. This means by one month into the server life, you will have your Marc and Thara's, and enough Zeny to pot every WoE. That's at least White Potions.
- You must be dedicated, and able to follow instructions.

How do I apply? - Please post your application in English

All you need to do is make a post, making sure to include the information listed below.
- Character Name (Has to be the topic tite aswell)
- Your current equipment and lvl/joblvl.
- Location and Schedule - Where do you live? What time/days do you play? Will you be available for most of this semester?
- Ventrilo/Teamspeak - Do you have it? Do you have a mic?
- Brief history on RO - What guilds we're you in previously? Why did you quit/disband?
- Your focus in RO - Make friends? PvP? Stalk underage kids?
- Your WoE experience - How long have you WoE'd? Have you played in an organized alliance?
- Sell yourself - What can you bring to our Guild? What separates you from other players in your class?
- Your ideal end stat and skill builds, preferably via these websites:

Recruit process:
All applications will be reviewed and concluded within 24 hours.
For those that are accepted, you will be under a lot harsher scrutiny then normal members until we feel we can fully trust you. Have patience and use this opportunity to prove yourself to us.

We are against large group invites. Please apply individually and state your connections if needed.

Currently Recruiting:


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Application Form
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